Progress in Soccer Coaching methods.


I believe that the development of the coaches in today’s game have brought a new depth of knowledge both on the field, in the classroom and in the gym.  This is one reason I think Soccer players are fitter than they used to be. Top teams employ a wide range of coaches these days ranging from:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant coaches
  • fitness coaches
  • Goalkeeper coaches
  • psychology coaches
  • Nutrition coaches
  • Yoga/pilates teachers

Coaches like the great Pep Guardiola had F.C Barcelona playing in such a way that blew everyone away, and now Tito Villanova has continued that model that was initially the vision of  Mr Joan Cryuff. They play at such a high tempo and pass and move with such precision and ease, but it is the work that the team as a whole does off the ball that allows them to play to the highest quality. This is not something that just happens by chance.

Thousands of hours had to be spent by the coaching staff as a whole meticulously planning every aspect of training:

Then many more hours will be spent putting the above into practice. So with this in mind I think that the way Coaching as a whole has developed it has allowed for players to be open to new things and develop as individuals and help to develop the game of soccer.
I have to point out though, in no way do I mean to say that players of the past were unfit or not as capable as players in today’s game but I just believe that players in the game today have far more resources to help them improve skills on the field and allow them to be fitter and stronger. You only have to look at the greatest soccer coach ever Sir Alex Ferguson to see that moving with with the times is important as far as player development goes.
 Check out this great slide show on Soccer fitness. A SCIENCE BASED APPROACH
What do you think? Have coaching methods made players fitter?


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